Lady Sovereign

Preceding the release of her debut album ‘Public Warning’ on February 5th, Lady Sovereign releases her new single ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’ on January 22nd. The single is also backed by an alternate version of the track that features Missy Elliott.

To mark the release, we’ve teamed up with Def Jam to bring you the chance to shoot the official ‘alternative’ video to ‘Love Me or Hate Me’. Check out the video for inspiration and download the lyrics from our Media Zone above.

Whether you shoot a karaoke style video using the lyrics or attempt something a bit more creative…it’s totally up to you!

As well as the best entries featuring on our weekly MyTv show, Lady Sovereign will also be picking the very best entry herself and playing the video on her website. The four runners up will each receive signed copies of the new CD.

To submit your video entries, simply:

• Sign-up now and create your own profile…
• Watch the video and get your lyrics from our media-zone…
• Sort your idea out, fire up your video phone / digital camera and get shooting…
• Upload your entry/ies into you profile…
• To sumbit your entry, you have to come back to this page and log-in!!!
• Get your clips in to us no later than March 30th

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