How to Keep Yourself Entertained for Free

Nothing is more frustrating than when boredom starts to set in. You finally realise that refreshing that Facebook page for the tenth time that nothing is going to capture your interests. What is even worse than being bored is being bored when you are trying to save money. Instead of going out and having fun, you are resigned to staying in. However, not everything that is fun has to cost money. Here is a list of some interesting things to do keep yourself entertained:

Read a Book

Everyone has books laying around their house they’ve never read before. If you don’t, then you can head to a local library where there will be an endless amount of free books. Not many people read anymore, as Television and Movies have taken over. But getting lost in a book can be fun, interesting and hours will have gone by before you realise. There will be a book for everyone. If you like crime shows then read a mystery novel, if you are big into Game of Thrones then read the books that the show is based on.


Start Doing Art

Art can be made out of anything. You may have old craft materials left in the house, if not then why not go outside and collect some natural materials such as leaves and pinecones. Start to put them together and start your own art project. This is a particularly great option if you have a child around. It lets them get creative and entertained, with an end product they can be proud of.

Watch a DVD

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are great, but they aren’t free so they don’t make the list. But not too long ago, the only option we had, if we wanted to watch a movie, was to hope it was on TV or buy the DVD. This has resulted in people now having endless amounts of DVDs in their collection with no real need for them. Simply dust down an old DVD and put it in the DVD player to kill a couple hours.

Play an Old Board Game

This one will definitely require other people to be around. Unless you can find enjoyment in playing against yourself. If you have board games collecting dust in a cupboard somewhere, dig them out and get playing. Classics such as monopoly, scrabble and more have provided people with hours of fun. It’s a sure way to keep yourself entertained.


Keep Yourself Entertained: Cook a Meal

Everyone has those foods that have been sitting in a freezer or cupboard for a while. Why not cook up some interesting foods with them? It’s a great way to clear up space and it even saves money on buying dinner for the night. Okay, so the end product might not always be the best. But cooking is a fun process that can kill boredom for a few hours.

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