Home improvement is the process of changing a home from one which has the appearance of a building to one that is more aesthetically pleasing and functional. The main aim of home improvement is to transform a home from the basic construction into something which is of higher quality and is more appealing to the eye. The best home improvement in the world will not achieve its purpose unless the new home has a good foundation, the foundation being the foundation that has been built on.

For a new home, it will be wise to first build a foundation for the new home. A foundation for a new home is much like a foundation for a new building. The house is built on the ground floor with a roof on the first floor. A foundation for the new home should be built on concrete, because the concrete will not rot and is strong enough to support the house. Once the foundation is in place, the new home should then be built on the base of the foundation. This can be done by pouring down poured concrete, or alternatively, if the concrete is to be poured in layers, it should be done in a way that ensures it is poured on top of one another, with the first layer being the foundation and the last layer being the house.