How To Improve Your Skincare Routine Using Home Grown Veg

Many people nowadays are looking for ways to save money and also get healthier. If you have some space, then a great way to do this is via home-grown veg. From growing micro herbs in your kitchen to entering the county’s largest pumpkin contest, you can decide the level of commitment you wish to put into your homegrown vegetables. This veg is a great addition to your diet, furthermore, it could be great for your skin!

When added to your diet, some veg will help provide necessary nutrients for healthy skin. Others can be used to make effective facemasks or cleansers.

Read on and find out how you can improve your skincare routine using home-grown veg.

How To Grow Your Own Veg

The first step in the process is growing your veg at home. This will always be easier if you have a garden or outdoor space.
For those that are blessed with a garden, make sure to use organic soil and plant your vegetables according to the season and state of your garden. Make sure not to plant the same thing in the same spot every year. This will increase the chance of diseased plants.

Only water the plants as much as is necessary. Make sure the spot gets lots of sunlight and is also well spaced out.

The best veg, fruit and herbs to grow in your home garden to be used for skin care include pumpkins, spinach, cucumbers, strawberries, carrots and lemons. We will let you know how to use these in the coming sections.
Otherwise, you can plant herbs indoors in your kitchen. There are many online tutorials that will explain this process to you. Try growing herbs like thyme (which has proven acne-clearing properties).


Eating Your Way To Clear Skin

One of the best ways to keep your skin clear and healthy is to have a well-balanced diet. This will help your overall health and give you all the vitamins you need to have strong, moisturised skin.

Homegrown plants have a great benefit in not being pumped with chemicals, which can include pesticides or even GMOs. This should help your overall health too!


Homemade Skin Products

Here are some of our favourite ways to use homegrown veg:

Mix lemon juice with a little milk and some ground almonds to make a quality face scrub that will tighten and tone your face while exfoliating.

Mash strawberries up with some cream and some corn starch to make a facemask. Leave this on for 20 minutes, and you should remove loads of dead skin. This will give you a great glow!

You can even use carrots as a face mask. Mash cooked carrots up with a little honey (or coconut oil if you’re vegan) and apply. Carrot is known to moisturize and build strong skin tissue. This will help to tone the skin and prevent sun damage.

You can mash steamed spinach up with honey and almond oil to make another great face mask. This one will not only prevent inflammation and tighten up your skin, it will also prevent mild infections.

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