Hair Salon Review

Hair Salon Review: Taylor Taylor London

Getting a great haircut while also having a great day is unfortunately not as common as it should be but Taylor Taylor definitely knows how to get both done. As well as being known as a place where your hair is in excellent hands, it is the experience that takes people’s breath away. This salon is also voted one of the best in London regularly with plenty of celebrities and models frequenting it.


It sports a regal set up with quirkiness to it as well which makes it quite welcoming. Located in Shoreditch, it has taken inspiration from Parisian designs and definitely embodies elegance. There is also a religious element which is evident from the Buddha displayed in the golden-tiled washroom along with the jewel embellished crucifix. There is some great china to add to the vintage effect as well. Complete with a bar and some cupcakes to add to the setting, you tend to look forward to your haircuts.

Hair Salon Review

Pricing and what’s on offer

Pricing is pretty fair for most of the services unless you want to spoil yourself for the day. After having a quick chat with your stylist, you are started off in the golden-tiled washroom for your wash which is enough to keep you happy with staff that is attentive and friendly. After which, you can look through the cocktail menu while getting ready for your cut or treatment. The Brazilian Blowout which is one of the most recommended services has pricing starting from £55. A simple wash and cut’s pricing starts from £48 and if you want to colour your hair, pricing starts from £65. Highlights for half head start from £85 and you can also take a look at some of the work on their Instagram page.

The variety of services offered is definitely impressive with everything from manicures and pedicures to botox on offer. If you are in a hurry, they have got you covered with the express service where two employees will have you done in half the time.

Hair Salon Review

The staff knows everything there is to know and put you at ease easily. Rather than the constant sound of dryer and music you can barely hear, the salon has a quieter surrounding and a calmer environment with warm lights. It is a great way to treat yourself to a special day with a cocktail in hand and the final look is always stunning.


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