We’ve teamed up with EveryUrbanThing offering the exclusive chance to get your own videos to your own tracks played out to millions on MyTv: Homegrown. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Over the next three months, we’re looking for as many original ideas for tracks and videos as we can find. We will be plugging this campaign with all your entries on MyTv: Homegrown over the whole course…but the three best entries, as selected by the EveryUrbanThing judging panel, will have their tracks played out in full on the show at the end of the campaign. And make sure you use your own tracks as there are a lot of label-hedz kicking about this site, you never know who’s watching.

To submit your entries, you’ll need to sign-up now and create your own profile. Once you’re signed and profiled up, all you need to do is:

• Get your track or sound-bed sorted…
• Fire up your digital camera or video phone and get directing…
• Log in back here as a homegrown member and follow the instructions!

EveryUrbanThing are the UK’s numero uno urban/hip-hop lifestyle information source. ‘Urban’ is not just about music or fashion but a whole lifestyle. Hip Hop, R&B;, Garage, Soul, Reggae, DnB, Grime cultures have fuelled the new millennium. EveryUrbanThing is about bringing it all together!

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