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Dentists In Glasgow Can Give You A Hollywood Smile

It’s no surprise that many people are vying for the chance to get their teeth ‘fixed’. In Hollywood, it has become the staple thing to change about yourself in order to improve your image. However, having work done on your teeth can vastly improve your self-confidence too. From Tom Cruise to Nicolas Cage, hundreds of stars have visited their Hollywood dentist in order to improve their smile. However, you may be wondering how you can get this work done from a dental clinic a bit closer to home. In truth, there are some very high-quality dentists in Glasgow who can provide exceptional standards of cosmetic dentistry. The Berkeley Clinic is just one of many dentists in Glasgow who provide cosmetic treatments. However, they also provide extra care for patients who are more nervous or anxious about visiting. This makes them a perfect choice for many people.

Check out some of the treatments they provide below.

Teeth Whitening

The perfect treatment for getting that Hollywood smile. The Berkeley Clinic is one of the best among dentists in Glasgow for teeth whitening treatment. Getting your teeth whitened does not always turn out like Ross from Friends. Most dental clinics will work hard to ensure that the level of whitening that you receive is natural and matches your complexion.
Be aware that this treatment does cause some sensitivity!
Dentists In Glasgow

Dental Implants

If you have some gaps in your teeth that you would like to get rid of then dental implants may be the right choice for you. Dental implants involve setting a small mechanism into your jaw bone, which a fake tooth can then be screwed onto. This gives a permanent solution to your gap without causing any damage to the teeth on either side.
The addition of dental implants will improve so many things in your life. It will help you eat, will improve your smile and will help with your self-confidence.


It’s important to remember that orthodontics is not just for teenagers. Nor are they always going to give you ‘brace-face’. There are so many ways to fix misaligned teeth these days that are practically invisible and won’t affect your day to day life. Some even promise to realign your teeth in a matter of weeks! Check out brands like Invisalign to find out more.
Dentists In Glasgow

Contacting Dentists In Glasgow

If you would like to get in touch with The Berkeley Clinic, then why not get in touch via their website. Check out the awards they’ve won!

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