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City Life- A Short Guide

For many of us throughout our lives we are all thinking about loads of different things. but at the forefront of a lot of our thoughts is our careers. Increasingly across the UK and Europe more and more people are venturing out of their hometowns and settling in the city. This is mainly due to more work being available and lack of commute time. We have drawn up this guide for how to adapt to a more urban environment and what you can expect.

Traffic And Footfall

One of the biggest shocks people from rural areas get when moving to larger cities is just the volume of people that move across areas they are in every day. Cities are large forbidding spaces in which there are densely and less densely populated areas. The traffic on the roads is another factor to be considered as congestion and pollution levels are statistically much higher in larger cities due to the increased number of people in the area and vehicles on the road. One of the tips we would give to get over this change is visiting a nearby city each weekend with friends to get more of a feel for how it feels to be in and how it operates.


Shopping is one of the most popular activities on the checklist of people visiting a city. In a small condensed city shoppers flooding in from nearby areas can quickly turn the streets very busy and crowded. We advise planning activities in advance to avoid this congestion. Shops in the city might also be a bit more expensive and lack the variety shops did in your previous home. In order to adapt to this its best to write shopping lists and scout out shops nearby that you think can fit your budget and have the foods and drinks that you need.

Culture And Society

When Moving to a new city try and be wary of the cultural and societal differences that may be apparent from the outset. In other words try and follow the citys rules. New Cities can offer a host of social opportunities. Try joining a local club or group so you can meet other people in the city and build up a network of people you know. Sport , photography or social clubs are an excellent way to break into society within the new area you live in.

Misconceptions And Myths About City Life

There are a number of misconceptions and myths that often surface when city life is discussed. Some people believe that the vast majority of city dwelling people are out for themselves and don’t care about the people around them. This is absolutely not the case. Most people do care about others around them but are often caught up in their own bubbles running from one end of the city to the other following career aspirations. Another misconception is that city properties are overpriced. This is not always the case as you can share a property with a flat mate or alternatively find a lower priced property which is smaller.

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