Blast Cleaning Service

Why You May Need A Blast Cleaning Service

What Is A Blast Cleaning Service?

A Blast Cleaning Service is essentially a service that is used to get rid of a variety of different cleaning issues. It Can do the following:

  • Shape a surface
  • Smooth a surface
  • Remove surface dirt/muck buildup
  • Graffiti removal
  • Stone/masonry cleaning

The Blast cleaning service is conducted by using a high pressure washer with using a variety of different substances dependent on the material being cleaned

What Materials Are Used In A Blast Cleaning Service

  1.  Grit is often used to clean corroded metals. It can also be used to clean cement and other materials such aluminium. Depending on the types of metals different grit can be used to suit that metal.
  2. Dry Ice is also used in many commercial applications
  3. Calcium carbonate can be used for various metal applications
  4. Various chemicals can be used to help perform specific tasks when Blast Cleaning such as hardening a surface or reducing the risk of slipping on it.
  5. Ultra high pressure  water jets are used to clean metal materials and rid them of salt or other contaminants buildup.

Benefits Of Using A Blast Cleaning Service

Blast Cleaning Service

  • Blast cleaning is significantly more affordable and efficient than using traditional more labour intensive methods
  • Blast cleaning can help tackle difficult metal issues such as rusting
  • Blast cleaning is a lot more faster at producing results than traditional methods
  • Mobile blast cleaning services are available in many places across the UK allowing for flexibility
  • Blast cleaning services generally have years of experience in their field and can perform their task very effectively
  • Blast cleaning can be used in a wide variety of applications from streets to engines to hulls of boats.

Street Art Or Graffiti?

Blast Cleaning Service

When it comes to topics such as graffiti in urban areas or cities this can often become a source of debate between communities and government or council organisations. Businesses or Council members may want to utilise a Blast Cleaning Service to remove any graffiti that has been created. However this sparks the question as to where to draw the line between graffiti and street art. With the rise in popularity in street art in recent years as well documented with acclaimed artist Banksy , many would argue double standards. This is because many councils and Governmental organisations whenever a Banksy piece is confirmed immediately moves to protect the artwork and yet when lesser known graffiti or street artists design a mural or small piece it is almost always immediately removed.

Another example of street art is in Glasgow city. Within recent years Glasgow city council worked with community groups to have a number of murals designed across the city centre. These murals have proved to be a hit with locals and tourists alike. Which again begs the question where to draw the line between art and vandalism. What can be concluded is that there may always be a divide between what is perceived to be art by some and vandalism by others. Regardless, services such as the Blast Cleaning Service will always be available to remove whatever cleaning task there is quickly and effectively.

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