Trends This Summer

How To Pull Off The Biggest Trends This Summer

So the weather is officially getting better and we all want to look our best all summer. Some of the biggest trends this summer are all about having a low-maintenance, healthy glow. These trends can be adapted from day to night. People just want to glow, glow, and glow. Every big make-up brand is putting the biggest effort into their skincare ranges, highlighters, and shimmery products. With a pop of mascara, any of these trends can work for just about anyone.

Check out the biggest trends this summer and see if they’ll work for you.

Trend This Summer

So the main products you will need in your inventory this summer will include:

  • Incredible skincare products
  • A magical sparkly powder
  • A natural, nourishing lip gloss

Read on to find out where you can go for some of the best and how to make them work for you.

Trends This Summer

Glowing Skin

After a harsh winter, and way too many nights falling asleep with your makeup on, your skin will need a break. An incredible skincare routine is important all year round. However, this year it’s one of the biggest trends this summer.

For a natural glow, try a tinted moisturiser which will give you a warmer tone and give your skin a dewy look. Try to use one with an SPF for all those days out in the sunshine. Try one like the Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser which has an SPF of 20 and literally has a shade called ‘Warm Radiance’.

Sparkling Eyes

The key is to shimmer everywhere. Make your eyes pop with the next on the list of biggest trends this summer. Find a highlighter that suits your skin tone (there are so many options out there these days) and get it on your face.

The key places to highlight include your eyelids, especially your inner eye. Then add it to the bridge of your nose, the arch of your lips and your cheekbones. A highlighter like the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish will be perfect for the job.

Trends This Summer

Glossy Lips

The last on our list is perfectly glossy lips. For those who prefer less-is-more, try a glossy lip balm like Carmex. For others, grab a tinted gloss that will also moisturise and protect your lips. You can even get some lip glosses that are iridescent or contain glitter for that extra bit of sparkle when you’re heading out on a summer night.

Try one of Glossier’s range of Balm Dotcom Lip Salves and see if any of them could work for you.

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