One of the talented upholsterers Edinburgh hammer a nail into the back of a sofa.

All You Need to Know About Local Upholsterers Edinburgh

Re-upholstery is an essential craft that is somewhat lost amongst the younger generations. Today with mass production ruling the behaviour of consumers, skills orientated around maintenance and longevity of ownership tend to be perceived as obsolescent by the public and the puppet masters who control them. Yet there are still those from older generations and specific social groups who see the importance and functionality of re-using, refurbishing, and recycling. If you belong to one of those segments and are seeking professional upholsterers Edinburgh, continue reading.

Upholsterers Edinburgh

For those who aren’t sure what upholsterers Edinburgh actually do, here is the breakdown. Despite what a lot of people believe, upholstery refers to materials that are used to stuff and to cover furniture. This means that sponge, stuffing, springs and any materials or fastenings that hold it all together are included in this. Therefore, re-upholstery is the refurbishment or replacement of these materials. There are many situations which may require the skills of a re-upholsterer, such as re-upholstering an old chair which has become misshapen and uncomfortable. If you are living in Edinburgh and you are looking for this type of service, there are a few businesses to choose from but one which is a cut above the rest.

Cushions by upholsterers Edinburgh with cacti print.

Nu-Rest Re-Upholstery

Nu-Rest Re-Upholstery is a family run business that has a team with over sixty years of experience in the industry. The reason why this particular company is considered by many people to be the best team of upholsterers Edinburgh is due to the unmatched skill, the unlimited services and stellar customer service. All aspects of upholstery are covered by this popular business, including small chair repair, re-filling of cushions, recovering three-piece suits and much more. What is also very satisfying for customers is the options for fabric. There are a lot of well-known and respected brands on offer such as Sanderson, Morris, Moon, Clarke & Clarke, Ross Fabrics, Balmoral, Isle Mill and Colefax & Fowler, to name a few.

Brown cord sofa by upholsterers Edinburgh in yellow living room with blue side table.

Special Offers and Benefits

If you choose Nu-Rest Re-Upholstery as your upholsterers Edinburgh, you will benefit from various offers and accreditations that not every upholstery service will be able to provide. For example, Nu-rest Re-upholstery is members of The Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers as well as members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. This means that the work of Nu-rest craftsmen, the premises and insurances are thoroughly vetted before membership is granted and periodically throughout their membership. In other words, it is guaranteed that all work produced by these upholsterers Edinburgh will be completed to a high standard and in line with the expectations of regulated bodies. On top of that, Nu-Rest offers free arm covers, free scatter cushions and free head covers. This company will also collect and deliver your furniture to save you the inconvenience of doing so. With fantastic reviews from a range of customers, the team come highly recommended are certainly the obvious choice for your upholstery needs in Edinburgh.

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